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of the obama healthcare policy, and dodd-frank, the dodd-frank bill, businesses like to look into the long term. they're not looking short term at all. they have to project out their business plans for the long term. host: what kind of a business are you in? caller: i'm not, but i'm a free market -- i'm a free market supporter. and under president obama and joe biden, they're more for big business. host: are you working down there? caller: no. no, i'm not retired. host: what kind of work do you do, joan? caller: well, i've done clerical work. i've done hospital work as a therapist. i worked as a nurse's aide for quite a few years. i've worked in all kinds of businesses. host: and what's the healthcare business like there in palm coast? caller: well, they are enlarging some of the services that will be available. healthcare is a booming industry. it has been, especially because of medicare and medicaid. but the whole thing is long-term projections. now, the president -- the government does not create business. it's small business people, but it's not -- the government can set up an environment t
were talking about -- by the way, you and i were talking about some healthcare stuff. >> yes. >> stephanie: a, he wants to voucherize medicare. we all know that. paul ryan. but i was saying mitt romney was on the campaign trail this weekend repeating a lie that i've seen in right wing e-mails is that oh, no doctors a lot of doctors now are turning down patients because they aren't going to take anymore medicare patients because of the cuts to medicare. >> okay. there are no cuts to medicare. i'm not entirely sure how else to say it. there are no cuts to medicare. >> stephanie: can you be any clearer? >> there are no cuts to medicare. we went into the medicare system which had a lot of waste and fraud and abuse and routed out a lot of that money. we're not overpaying private insurance companies anymore for the same services that we can get through traditional medicare and we're taking the money that we're saving and we're reallocating it to improve benefits in medicare. some of that money is also going to be
away. our seniors ought to be confident their retirement is secure and healthcare is secure. these things will happen again. and i'm convinced of that because i've seen the heart of the american people over my lifetime. we're innovative and optimistic and hardworking. i also see a willingness to live for something bigger than ourself. i was a leader in the boy scouts of america some years ago. and i was at a court of honor, that's where the boy scouts get their eagle scout awards or other awards and there was a table at the front of the room and i was seated at the end of the table next to the american flag. and the person that was speaking was the scout master from colorado. and he said the boys wanted to have a special flag. so they bought one. they sent it to be flown above the capital. then when it came home the boys said let's have it go on the space shuttle. that will make it more special. they contacted nasa and nasa agreed. they said the boys were so proud as they watched the challenger go up in the sky and they saw it explode before their eyes. the scout master call
and i injured my back. i was shocked at the cost of the care. i am in the health-care industry. there is not transparency. we are good consumers. the affordable care act moves us the wrong direction. >> should we legislate information? as long as the system is made good -- >> we do not legislate information purchasing. people are quite capable of making decisions for themselves. what happens in the health-care industry is it is complex and when you are sick and ill and lying on your back in a hospital you're not in the best position to negotiate price or care. >> or read a pamphlet or do whatever else. >> this is -- this is about educating people before they come in. the challenge is if people do not have to pay for themselves. transparency is not sufficient. moving away from fee-for-service is an important part for that. we have celebrated the fifth anniversary. all the hospitals and long-term care facilities, most of the providers have signed up. if you go to a position and you have an x-ray down someplace else in the state, instead of having to get the film version of that,
to 17% of people who are paying 16% less. president obama strengthened health-care. i want to say something about energy. ohio is not just about gas and coal. you also people working in the solar and wind industry. mitt romney's policy is all of the above except nothing for wind and nothing for solar. we have 100,000 americans working in the solar industry today. the prices are dropping. we rank first or second in the world in the ability to generate electricity from the sun. all of the above is the right position. the last thing i want to say is i am for president obama because his budget adds up. in the last 50 years there have been five surpluses. when republicans talk, let's not forget we never had a structural debt in this country in times of economic growth before 1981. we'd run little deficits and we were already investing more with a long-term payoff. we tripled the debt in the first eight years of 1980's and then increased it 150% again. then i brought it down for you. they doubled it again when i left office. let's not forget this. how did they do it that promising yet w
is mad about healthcare. guy's knee jerk reaction. the crane flipped over it should have been big wind. you shouldn't have crane up in the middle of a record hurricane or monster storm. bill. >> steve: bone headed decision. >> brian: people weighing up in the cold without power thanks to sandy. incredible images you are looking at are have from stat ten island, new york where the death toll has risen to 22. >> everything is replaceable. the people -- i can't replace my family. dave briggs joins us on the ground in staten island where it's still quite cold. what do you see. >> freezing. devastating here driving through the neighborhood. it's heart-breaking. i just spoke with the local police officer from the nypd. he rolled down his window and couldn't speak on camera. he had tears in his eyes just driving through this neighborhood. staten island is what one state senator calls ground zero for sandy damage. if you look around, you can find out why. what once was a very popular restaurant is utterly devastated. the street has been wiped out. there is a massive pit in front of that restau
to give fema anymore money unless you cut money from healthcare, you know. so they've been -- anti-disaster relief and again, mitt romney who wants to give it to the states, get rid of fema, put it in the hands of the state or maybe the private sector. can you imagine, can you imagine with this hurricane hitting the coast like new jersey or atlantic city, if you had to count on who? name it. some -- some security firm, blackwell. or something. halliburton. >> there are pictures of firefighters in water up to their chests wading through streets of new york and parks to get to people who help them. they were fighting fires in the middle of a hurricane. they were dealing with buildings that had collapsed in the middle of a hurricane. >> bill: you look at the first responders rescuing those people in the hms bounty that went down. can you imagine halliburton doing it? we took the day off. >> exactly. >> bill: because it's raining. arnold, our rowing ambassador down in greensboro, north carolina. what do you say? >
fixed through healthcare reform because it was too expensive. >> stephanie: right. >> and there are parts of health care reform that pay medicare doctors more. so there's actually provisions within the health care law that will pay primary care physicians more money. >> stephanie: right. that's what i'm saying people want to blame obama for everything. it becomes a punch line. >> and if you tell them it is untrue they say no, no no no. and go on. >> stephanie: yes. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: mitt romney took his claim that president obama has stolen $716 million from medicare, do the next level, seniors mostly likely will be unable to see specialists because of obamacare. >> did you see the one too i think in virginia where he say there was a barbecue place that went out of business and blamed it on obama. and it turns out they had a lot of health care violations -- >> they were washing their hands in poop. >> yeah. and he is attacking gas prices there are videos in the kiosks so it's really throw anything at the wall and
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healthcare. if they can't hand out water bottles on time and properly how do they handle hip replacement surgery? we are watching the incompetentence of the federal government on display. >> sean: you know ohio. i there was with you in 2000 and 2004 and 2006 you have predicted with pinpoint accuracy what has happened in that state. a month ago, maybe it was two months ago you told me barack obama was going to win, ohio. you said that things have now changed dramatically in the swing state of ohio. where do you stand tonight, sir? >> sean hannity, this state has flipped from the blue column not red column for three reasons. number one, secretary of state john houston in columbus would tell you that there is 220,000 fewer he democratic votes in early voting and 30,000 more republican votes. that means there is a 250,000 vote flip which is the margin by which obama won ohio in 2008. secondly, ohio is a republican state. 20 of the last 24 years we had republican governors. the legislature is overwhelmingly republican. every elected member of the supreme court of ohio is republican. 75% of el
and die in our health-care system because we have corporate politicians in washington from both parties. we need to push back against that. >> with so much money pouring out from outside resources, how can you assure people you put them first? >> it is because of how i raced. i was raised. i want to say hello to my dad. i love you, dad. when i was growing up, working in a small business, i learned how decisions in washington and springfield can adversely affect or positively affect the way he operates a business. affects the ability to hire, to create jobs. i learned appreciation for public policy because of those conversations. upon graduation 20 years ago, i decided to go into public service. i am proud of the public service i have provided constituents in the 19th congressional district. that is what we are talking about in this campaign. it is because of that experience that i believe there -- i want to go in and make the tough decisions necessary and be comfortable telling nancy pelosi no, just like john boehner no. the only pledge i will make is to save the constituents of the 13t
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solution for are problems. through this cooperate tive spirit we need reform, strong healthcare and a robust energy policy. we need to eliminate corruption in government while at the same time protect social security and medicare. we need to cut back on our $16 trillion debt in sensible ways. but the most important factor in sending someone to congress that represents us is trust. this election really comes down to an evaluation of trust, who you trust. during the next few days you have an opportunity to examine our values and our principles and vision for bringing america forward to a land of endless opportunity. but at the end of your careful examination, you need to examine the character of the candidate of your choice. character counts. my name is gran den doherty i ask for your vote. >> i appreciate it and i want to thank the audience here that's been so well-behaved. give yourself a round of aplause. >> just a few programming notes the second crongal debate will be tell viced tomorrow at 7:30. and the next debate will be the next day at 7:30. i want to thank you and the am
of the employer, not the taxpayer. with respect to the health-care issue, i have to tell you something, i am the managing partner of a law firm. we have about 50 people who work there. up until couple of years ago, our health and -- health insurance premiums went up by double-digit numbers. for years. last year our health care premiums will have gone up by only 3% total for two years, which is unheard of several years ago. we kept looking at the double- digit percentage increases. i am very happy with what the president has done with respect to health care. i think it is starting to have the impact of driving down insurance premiums. we're also seeing we have more people with pre-existing conditions who will have insurance coverage. whereas under mitt romney plan someone with pre-existing conditions loses insurance temporarily in goes back will not be insured. children be able to stay on their parents' health care plan until the age of 26 so that kids coming out of college may not have a job will be able to still have health insurance. these are important factors and important issues for peo
a man who lies. host: what has he lied about? caller: he has lied about when they passed the health-care bill, it would save more money. they have done everything, all the carnage that has ever been done. you're supporting him which is the biggest mistake this country ever made. guest: i respect your opinion but i think that you are wrong. there are a myriad of things and i can go through the list. health-care reform is saving the system money. it is also sitting american families money in their -- the savings will become realized of time. benghazi has been an important issue that we have learned about lately. i am just as much concerned about benghazi as anyone else but i will tell you i am not a privilege to the confidential and top secret information that our president and our leaders in the military are. i'm not going to sit and try to be an armchair quarterback in this instance. i do tell you that i trust in the leadership of our president and i think that the majority of americans trust in our leadership. our president has shown he does not take a back seat to anyone with a comes t
, figure out the health-care system on your own. we need to reform medicare and to make sure it is solvent for the long term. but we cannot take the romney- ryan approach to medicare and ended as we know it. that is another reason why obamacare was needed and why it will prove to be ultimately successful in helping people in the united states to access affordable care. host: robert gleason, your response. calm i support medicare and social security because -- caller: -- caller: i support -- guest: i support medicare and social security because i get it. right now, for everybody, medicare and social security are going nowhere. it is the congress of the united states that will have to make the changes if there are any changes. just said it needs to be reformed. you admitted -- josh said it needs to be reformed. we need to reform its so that -- reform it so that younger people will have it when they need it. guest: the $700 billion taken out of medicare was made to insurance. it was taken out to ensure medicare could continue and take care of people like mary's family and take care of bob gle
-- resembled a plan. i have plan, it's driving down healthcare costs and repealing the well-intentioned president's bill. i agree with the goals but the law will never live up to the goals of driving down costs. i have a replacement, six point replacement plan. energy, driving down costs for hard-working families and looking to the future, and i voted strongly, nine times to increase the efficiency -- >> moderator: i have to cut you off. we're fast approaching the end of the broadcast. the formal questioning is now over and each candidate now has one minute for closing statement. as determined before honda, you'll go first. >> thank you very much. this election presents very clear choices, as you heard tonight. unfortunately, the congressman has repeated over and over again that i'm somehow misrepresenting, that i'm saying things that aren't true. the fact is, my campaign depends entirely on folks knowing the truth about the congressman's record, and i can say with great confidence the things i'm saying about his record because it is his record. you can go find it, and i enc
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are struggling with figuring out how they're going to plan for their retirement and have healthcare. do all of those -- you know, nonsuper human activities. >> stephanie: reaminggy, it is interesting. here we go, the pundits the story is how is this going to affect the election. how is this playing? i'm sorry. you can -- not to politicize it, you can see the difference in the last couple of days. here's mitt romney saying he's not having a campaign event which is clearly a campaign event. the president is just doing his job. that's why when you have someone like chris christie go on and on about what a great job he's doing, i mean even when mitt romney is caught on tape, reggie, you go it is all about him talking about how he's going to win and be president and the politics of it. i think you've just got the feeling that it isn't about that with president obama. >> i think you're spot on. i think mitt romney obviously ran bain capital for several years. one of my college teammates goes to church with mitt romney which is a
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)